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Still relatively few people have anything recorded for the event that they can not indicate their wishes for themselves. And if people have done so, this kind of information is often not up to date and not easy available at the time this information is necessary.

“A static document with needs for now to arrange things for later?” We think it ain’t the right solution in times like these. With MyMoriam we show that this can be different. Better, with more fun and easy accessible.


Existing possibilities that should help you preparing for later are not easily accessible, not independent and do not provide an integrated solution. More and more people want self-control.

70% captured nothing
30% captured ‘something’
Less than 10% is up to date

What have you got arranged for the future?

Discover the new way to record your wishes, goals and memorable moments. MyMoriam lets you compile an invaluable and always up-to-date document with images, stories and music. Your goals and plans in life. Alongside your wishes and information for after.

Record it. Update it. For life

Use MyMoriam as a living legacy: a tribute to your life, as a living will or as the basis for your will and testament. Useful for you and important to those who care about you.
Don’t put it off any longer. You can now keep a record of everything that really matters to you in a fun, easy and secure way.

“With MyMoriam my wishes, will and the things that make me unique are all documented and available for when they’re needed” Eva

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Pictures of your most memorable moments. Select them and save them!

We all take thousands of photos and videos. But which images really count and touch you time and time again? Select them and save them! Satisfying to look back on and know that they are now safe forever. Moments to remember. For yourself and for others.

A place or experience sends an unexpected shiver down your spine? Capture it. With our app you can easily add new images. Via tablet or smartphone. From your sofa or your dream location, anywhere in the world!

Write and save personal stories

Some events can’t be captured in pictures. Do them justice and put them down in writing!

Don’t just describe what happened, but rather what it did to you. And what you noticed. More often than not it’s the details that are the key.

Select and save music from your most memorable moments

Led Zeppelin or Armin van Buuren. Johnny Cash or de ‘Erbarme Dich’ from St. Mathew Passion by Bach. Nothing is more personal than music.

Save your favourite music in MyMoriam. And note down what makes it so special for you. Memories and music go hand in hand, emotions of then forever entwined in the music. Music can also evoke new feelings and images. Fun to do, valuable to keep.

Create your own bucket list

What are your must-dos in life? All you’re given is time, so make it count. From epic journeys to playing an instrument. From skydiving to a seaside sunset. Swimming with dolphins. Learning to salsa dance. Having a pet dog. Visiting that long-lost aunt.

Use our bucket list. Handy to have, even better to tick off. For dreams that you want to achieve. And experiences never to forget.

Make a note of your wishes and practical information for your trustees

Use MyMoriam to make information secure and only available to those you trust, your trustees, next of kin or your solicitor. They can use this information should the circumstances arise when you are no longer capable of expressing your own wishes. Furthermore, this also lets you influence how family, friends and relatives will remember you.

In the meantime your details couldn’t be any safer.

Live consciously, enjoy life. And make sure you are prepared unexpected moments.

MyMoriam. for life is a Dutch initiative. Our platform offers online software solutions with social impact. Our goal is to give you the opportunity and the peace of mind to store really relevant information. And this way we can unburden and connect the different generations who are surrounding you.

MyMoriam offers a new, smart and easy way of collecting, recording and updating your wishes, practical information, important reminders and the things that really matter. For now and for later, for yourself and for the people who care for you.

Erik van der VenWant to learn more about what we do? We’d love to tell you!

Erik van der Ven
Founder and CEO


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