Erik van der Ven

LifeCourse: Doing things differently
“There is a need for a different approach to recording information for the future or unexpected events. People want more self-control. Be inspired. In a fun, accessible and independent way. Developing their own awareness and letting go of their concerns. In the here and now. By taking a moment to reflect on today, your life up till now. And the things still to come.

To be able to achieve this, a different kind of company is needed. One with a different approach. A company not inhibited by traditional thinking and ‘business legacy. That’s why we started this great adventure! MyMoriam is here to help people from different generations, to connect and inspire each other. To get more out of life you first have to be aware of it. To live more consciously and enjoy it to the full! ”

Erik van der Ven
founder/director LifeCourse BV


“This turns recording things for the future into something cool,
into something you want to get arranged as soon as possible!” Laura

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