Our privacy policy
We are LifeCourse BV and this is our Privacy Policy. In this document, we inform you of how we handle your personal data. We consider the protection of our users’ privacy as extremely important. Should you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please email us at:

Your details
If you want to use our services you first need to create an account. The information you enter during the registration process is only used to help us provide our services. These are ‘account details’ including your name and address, email address, gender and date of birth. We will in no way use account information for any other purpose than that described in this privacy policy.

‘Other information’ is the data that you can store in the file created by yourself. This information is called ‘file data’. You are responsible for this information. We have no access to this data and cannot process file information for other purposes.

The Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act (PDPA) applies to a full or partial automated processing of personal information except for the purpose of processing activities which are exclusively for personal or domestic use.

Chances are that file data also contains personal data, for example, photographs or film material, or text containing names. Although this constitutes an automated processing, the PDPA is not applicable. You will process the personal data in question, after all, purely for personal purposes. The file is therefore only accessible to you and the trustee(s) appointed by you.

Although the Data Protection Act does not apply to file information, we find it important that your personal data is secure. Therefore we would like to inform you about what we do for you and how we protect your data.

What we do for you?
When you enter or update your own MyMoriam file, you are making use of our interactive services, or if you use other services provided by us or have contact with us in any other form, we store this information on your behalf. The data used for your file is solely used for the purpose determined by you; filling in and compiling your own file. Here we are referring to texts, songs, videos, photos, names and addresses of others and everything you have entered.

We shall not have access to file information. Only you and the trustee(s) appointed by you have access to file information. Whether a trustee already has access to file information during your lifetime or only after your death, is your own decision.

What data do we process for our purposes?
We process your account details to keep in touch with you and your trustee(s), with regard to possible billing, to inform you about new activities and updates and to obtain anonymous statistical data. This lets us connect our products to better suit your needs. For this processing of personal data we, LifeCourse BV, Transistor 31, 1322 CK Almere, are responsible within the definitions of the Data Protection Act. You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal data. You can request this in writing to the above address or by sending an email to:

Protecting your personal information
We are extremely aware of the fact that sometimes you record personal information in your MyMoriam file. Therefore, your details, account information and file data is handled and protected with the utmost care. We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your information and data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. File contents are not seen by us nor are they retrievable by third parties (such as search engines). All these measures are aimed to prevent any loss, unnecessary collection and further processing of personal data.

Click Behaviour
General visitor data is kept on the MyMoriam website without us identifying the visitors. The aim is to optimise the website layout.

Use of cookies
MyMoriam may use cookies when offering its services. A cookie is a small file with data which is stored on the hard drive of your computer. We use temporary cookies. These cookies contain no personal information and are only used to make using the website easier. Temporary cookies are deleted after visiting the website.

In addition MyMoriam also uses one permanent cookie. A permanent cookie remains on your hard disk, unless you delete the cookie itself. Our website uses this cookie to recognise you when you come and go on our site. With the aid of this cookie the site can be designed especially for you; a tool to make the use of the website even more attractive. If you have switched off the use of cookies in your browser, you can still visit most parts of the website.

Cookies from third-party websites
In certain parts of the website, third party websites place cookies. This concerns extras such as a Google maps. We have no influence on what third parties do with their cookies.

Other websites
On the MyMoriam website there are some links to other sites, such as the donor registry. MyMoriam has no influence on how these parties deal with your data. Please read the privacy statement, if given, of the relevant website.

LifeCourse BV reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. Please check this document regularly to stay informed about the privacy policy.

Most recent amendment: February 2015

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