You want to record and update what matters to you?

Yes, you can! In a fun, easy and secure way.
Use MyMoriam on your PC, tablet or via your smartphone.

This is how it works:


Register your account, select your subscription and complete your profile


Decide who your trustees are and invite them. After their acceptance the information in your life file will be securely accessible to those who matter to you. Just in case something happens to you…


With your smartphone, tablet or on your PC, you can always record and update the information which is important to you, anytime, anyplace anywhere.


Connect memories and information of the most important events in your life and create a timeline from your birth right up to today


Save your most precious memories, in images, words or music. Update them. Lifelong. As inspiration or to be inspired. To reflect on the special moments you’ve already experienced


Setting goals and realising dreams. Using a bucket list. With MyMoriam it’s very easy to create a dynamic bucket list and keep it up to date via your PC, tablet or smartphone


Make a note of your wishes and practical information for your trustees, next of kin or solicitor. They can then use this information when necessary


You can download your current life file as an uncluttered PDF document with a PC or tablet. If you want you can print it out or save it somewhere. You can also choose to legalise your life file with a solicitor

Record it. Update it.
Peace of mind. Lifelong.

Useful for you, important to those who care about you.

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Dashboard function:

You are in control. Via your own account you always have secure access to your current MyMoriam life file anytime, anywhere.

With its intuitive and well-organised dashboard all the functions are at your finger tips… By creating your own personal background, you can create a fitting atmosphere, one that shows who you are.

Your memories:

Your photos
Compile an album with photos from your most impressive events, memorable moments and touching encounters. And write by every picture what it means to you. Select the key photos from each year of your life.

Your stories
Document the special stories of your life. Funny, touching and exceptional tales that you want to cherish forever. A wise proverb or a poem which moves you.

Your music
What’s your favourite music? What makes you happy? Or what moves you? Record this. And write by each track its associated memory.

Your videos

A selection of your favourite videos. Of events large and small, which make your life unique and beautiful.

Your bucket list:

Here you can decide what you want to try before you die! From the epic and spectacular to the intricate and intimate. A parachute jump or a trip around the world. An exceptional encounter or the hobby of your dreams.

Use our bucket list. Handy to have, even better to tick off. For your dreams that you want to come true. And for experiences that you never want to forget.

Your wishes:

How would you like to be remembered? What really matters to you? Save important information, requests and other things that matter in MyMoriam. This information helps your loved ones and the authorities concerned arrange things the way you want. You can no longer do this yourself if you are no longer with us. All important information:

  • about your wishes and preferences;
  • in the event of death;
  • solicitor / executor;
  • about your insurance.

Your trustees:

Share your information with those you trust. People who can use your information should something happen to you, preventing you from sharing this information yourself. Maybe due to illness, accident or unexpected death.

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