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Start today and register your account
The framework of your MyMoriam life file is automatically put in place for you.

Fill in your personal profile
After filling in your profile you can start in a simple and easy way, adding information to your life file. Information about your wishes, special memories, practical and unusual requests, challenging life goals, etc.

Give different life stages and special moments their own names
These automatically form a personal timeline of the moments that have or have had a special impact on your life.

Assign confidants (trustees)
After your invitation and secure acceptance procedure, the information held in your life file becomes securely and quickly accessible to your trustees in the event you can no longer access it yourself. Your trustee cannot in any way, make alterations to the content.

Record it. Update it. Your whole life long
You can now really get started compiling your life file. Whenever you think of something, something special happens or you’re struck by a flash of inspiration, you can easily add it and record it. In words, music or images. Put your life-goals in your bucket list. Your wishes for the future you put you in ‘My wishes’.

Available when needed
Getting married? Becoming thirty, forty or fifty? Would you like to have your life file legalised by a solicitor? Or do you have another milestone in your life? Then you can always download the latest version of your file as a PDF document.

Should anything happen to you, your life file is securely recorded and only accessible to your trustees.

General functions

  • My profile
  • Invite trustees
  • Nominate your contacts
  • Upload key contacts list
  • Prepare your personal messages
  • Set reminders to latest
  • Download your current life file in PDF format

Function ‘My memorable moments’

  • Create and update your photo album with year photos
  • Nominate your favourite videos
  • Save your ‘moving music’ collection
  • Tell and save your life stories, best anecdotes and quotes
  • You can provide notes or an explanation for all your memorable moments and link them to your life stages and moments in your timeline

Function ‘My bucket list’ and ‘My wishes’

  • Create and update your personal bucket list with your life goals
  • Wishes and preferences should anything happen to you:
  • Donor listing
  • Your wishes in the event of illness, incapacity and / or death
  • Details for and from insurers
  • Details funeral director/service
  • Details executor and solicitor(s)

Our website, the software and databases with your data run on high-end IT infrastructure which is securely held in Europe’s most secure and modern data centres.
This makes your data more secure than when it is stored on a local server or on your own computer. And that also applies to our own data. In the event of an emergency such as fire, flood or power failure we can use an encrypted backup copy of the software and data.

Europe’s most secure data centres
The data centre and the IT infrastructure used by MyMoriam meet the following requirements:

  • Tier III classification system;
  • Certification according to the Information Security Management System 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001. In short: quality management, security and environmental management are fully guaranteed;
  • 99.8% network uptime guarantee;
  • Redundant (dual) implemented energy supply;
  • Redundant (dual) implemented network facilities;
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supplies);
  • Advanced fire protection;
  • Optimum temperature and air quality;
  • 24/7 security.

We are highly aware that you include personal information in your MyMoriam living legacy. Therefore, we have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data from loss and unauthorised access or processing.
These measures are also aimed at preventing unnecessary collection and further processing of personal data. We have no access to the contents of your file and therefore cannot and will not provide data to third parties without your permission. We have no interest in this.

Read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Yes, that’s possible. You can choose to have your document with your current details legalised by a solicitor.
Legalisation by a solicitor gives you and your relatives that extra security. The solicitor verifies your identity and certifies that you are the one who has signed in person. This ensures that everyone knows that you personally are100% behind the content of your MyMoriam life file. Of course it’s completely up to you whether you choose to have your file legalised or not.

You can also choose to add your solicitor as trustee. This will give your solicitor access to the latest version of your file should this be needed.

Legalisation from € 35.00
Legalisation by a solicitor does not have to be expensive. For legalisation we will put you in touch with a solicitor that is suitable to your needs, without any obligation. They will also be happy to help you find out if everything is covered and taken care of for now and the future.

This lets the solicitor inform you about what else you could have recorded in the event that a situation should arise where you are no longer capable of making your own decisions. They can tell you who your heirs will be when you die and what you can do if you wish to change it.

With MyMoriam you can easily and safely designate trustees or confidants. Thereby you make your life file accessible to those who really matter to you. The people you trust.
When something happens to you which means you no longer can access your details – for example through illness or death – then it’s your trustees (the confidants designated by you) who have access to the contents of your life file. The information will help them be able to do what is necessary. In addition, your trustees will have the information at their disposal which matters most to you. For inspiration. Or as consolation.

For example, a trustee can be your partner, your immediate family, your best friend or your solicitor if necessary.

Termination by trustees
Once one of your trustees wants to close your account because you, for example, are not able to do so, then the ingenious secure procedure to close down your life file comes into effect. This double checks that the real intention is that your account should be terminated.

A standard subscription costs € 12.00 per year.
Plus, you can make free use of the I am-app and you are entitled to updates.

Try it with no obligation
You can use MyMoriam for a 3 month free trial with no obligations.

We are confident and happy to guarantee the added value that MyMoriam and I am-app offer you in long term: If you’re not satisfied? We will simply give you back the cost of the last paid annual subscription.

MyMoriam lifetime
With MyMoriam lifetime subscription you make a single payment and can then use MyMoriam for the rest of your life. You also get free use of the I am-app and lifelong entitlement to all updates.

Click here to register for your account and choose the subscription that best suits you.

Yes, MyMoriam is completely independent and not financially bound to third parties.
This is a conscious choice. It permits us to be able to add value in the long run, to provide a secure service and offer objective inspiration.

MyMoriam is all about now.
It’s important to live life to the full now. To stop every now and then to reflect on your life, events, people and the time that you have here. That gives you a good feeling.

Recording these exceptional moments makes you become more aware of the things that make your life special and unique, the key moments and turning points which have had the greatest impact on your life and who you are. It helps you process your best and worst experiences by putting them into perspective and giving them a place. Moreover, it gives you extra peace of mind when you know that you and your loved ones are prepared for unexpected events.

Yes, MyMoriam is certainly worthwhile even if you have a will drawn up by a solicitor.

A will is about ‘what you have’ and MyMoriam says more about ‘who you are’. A will is largely concerned with officially recording material arrangements and meeting legal requirements, while MyMoriam is also intended for recording and presenting the special memories in your life.

You can build an invaluable and personal record of your life. This goes much further and deeper than the issues related to the settlement of procedural and substantive issues. Handy for yourself. Important for those who love you. And you’ll lessen their load for when you’re not there.

Yes, MyMoriam has definitely added value in addition to funeral insurance. Both you and your confidants (trustees) can use MyMoriam to ensure that you will be remembered just as the way you are. This lets you ease the burden on your next of kin. For example, by putting in your MyMoriam file where you are insured and what your particular wishes you have for your final farewell. This also helps your funeral insurer and /or funeral director lessen the load on your relatives.

Yes, in your MyMoriam file you can specify the email address associated with your social media account, and send a new password there. The receiver with access to that email address can then close your social media account.

We will be expanding this functionality soon with an extra secure section where you can make a list of numerous accounts and subscriptions.

Do you want to cancel your subscription? Of course you can. The procedure to cancel your subscription and close your life file is carried out in a careful and secure manner.

Go to ‘Profile’
Log in to your account by using your emailadres. Go to ‘Profile’ then start the procedure by clicking the button down below: ‘I want to cancel my subscription’.

Once you have indicated that you want to cancel, you still have 3 months to safely download your life file as a PDF file. At no extra cost and with no extra obligation.

Yes, we take account of the environment as much as possible. so long as this does not compromise our service and the safety of our users.

Green IT
The data centre that we use is 100% CO2 neutral. This means that the data centre uses exclusively 100% green energy. It is also the most energy-efficient data centre in the Netherlands (with EUE 1.16). Our data centre is also a member of Green IT, an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions in the IT industry.

Some people claim that data centres are polluters because of their high power consumption. We do not agree with this: Think about how much energy and space it would take when all bundled IT and power facilities would be replaced by single PCs and servers, which all need to be started individually, cooled and maintained. Consolidation and clustering in data centres not only provides better security but also has strong environmental benefits.

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